First of all, apologies for being MIA on the blog, I've been so busy recently and just haven't had the time as well as losing a massive amount of motivation which has impacted on my blog. But I feel like I'm back and raring to go!
    I have been massively lacking lately when it comes to fashion, I am literally leaving the house looking like a slob everyday, I just cannot be bothered. But towards the end of last year as well as over the Christmas break, there have been some outfits that I absolutely LOVED, I want to wear them over and over again but can I really outfit repeat? 
    Here are some of the outfits that I've been living for! Hope you like them! xxxxx

    Lanzarote: November 2017

    So in November I went back to my second home, Lanzarote, one of my favourite places filled with sun sea and sangria (and gin!!!). Here I've put together some pics from my hols, I already can't wait to go back, 2 months and counting and I am so excited. The weather was so hot, it peaked to 29 degrees which was too hot even for a sun baby like me, we went for just over 10 days and we literally did nothing apart from lay on a sunbed, eat and drink cocktails for the majority of the holiday which is my kind of perfect! Until next time Lanzarote x 

    A City Break: Birmingham

    Last weekend we set off to Birmingham for a few days, we stayed in the heart of Solihull and ventured towards the city to see what it has to offer. I've not really seen much of the country apart from the one off trips to the West Country, Wales and the occasional visits to London. I've always wanted to venture up north towards places like Liverpool, Manchester as well as Newcastle and Edinburgh.

    But anyway it's safe to say that if you like shopping like me. Obviously. Then the shopping in Birmingham is next level. In the city centre they have The Bullring which is the main shopping centre and honestly I could of spent a LOT of money, thankfully we were too busy searching for the nearest pub to look around properly so my bank account wasn't damaged too much. Although the Zara there is out of this world!!!! I literally wanted to move in. Why are shops always better somewhere else than they are at home? It really bugs me! They also had many shops in the high street part of the town, everywhere you turned there was either a shop or a pub, having a gin stop whilst shopping, what could be better? 

    We also headed to Broad Street which is also a big attraction in the heart of Birmingham. It is filled with restaurants, bars and clubs and is known to be a vibrant place to go on a night out. We tried out a few bars as well as a Pornstar Martini, or 4, and found a Gin Bar (my type of bar!!). We even got to see St. Andrews which is the home to Birmingham City FC.  

    It safe to say I would definitely venture up north again, (yes Birmingham is up north for southern folk like me) and do a lot of shopping and drink a lot of gin, which is my idea of heaven, and obviously me being me couldn't go anywhere without a mini photo shoot, aka, my mum taking pictures of me while I pose at train stations (good old mum) and having weird men stare at me. Blogger life.  

    Until next time. Georgia xxxxx

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