Orange Is The New Black

Hey Guys! I have been so excited to share this blog post with you! This outfit is just insane!
I took a trip to Topshop the other day and I picked up this coat and dress in their sale at some amazing prices! Check this out, this black fur coat that I'm wearing was originally £195 and I found it in the sale for a tenner! £10! Obviously I couldn't leave it there at that price, I know I probably won't get much wear out of it now but I'm going to save it for the Winter and I just know I'm never going to take it off. Only thing I don't like about this coat is that it's so heavy, I don't think I'd be able to wear it all day - my shoulders would kill! Nevertheless I loooooove it.
I also picked up this beaut dress in the sale from £55 down to £5! It's kind of like a metallic orange colour in real life and I think its going to be perfect for Summer. Orange is a bit daring for me as I don't like much colour but as this dress was so cheap I thought I would experiment with it. In my opinion it looks beautiful with this coat and I just paired it with some Strappy black shoes. 
I cant find this dress or coat on the Topshop website so they must be sold out online which sucks as I cant give you a link :( but make sure to check in store to see if you can get your hands on them!
Thanks for reading!

Georgia xxxxxx

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