My Top 5 Places I Want To Visit

Hey Guys. As I'm going away on a much needed holiday at the beginning of the October it got me thinking where I really want to go and visit. Whether it be for a holiday or to do a big of sight seeing these places are definitely on my Travel bucket list.

1. Maldives

I think this one goes without saying. They're are so many bloggers swooning on a yacht in the Maldives at the moment that I'm getting ridiculously jealous every time I open the Instagram app. It looks so peaceful and luxurious, and I can't help but think of all the amazing pictures I would get there. The amount of people that I also have on Snapchat that are doing tours of their Maldives apartment with their own private beaches and outdoor showers makes me need to go!!!! Clear blue sea and smooth white sand is what I need at the moment!

2. New York

Who wouldn't want to go to New York at least once in their lifetime? The shops, the restaurants, the sights, the atmosphere, everything makes me want to go. I'm so set on going that I've even looked up "Top Places To Go in New York" on Pinterest on more than one occasion, so it needs to happen really, doesn't it? Not to mention to go to Sephora at least 9 times whilst shopping!

3. Las Vegas

I really don't know why but something about Las Vegas makes me want to go. I'm not really one for the night life or for gambling but I cant help but think how amazing it would be to dress up to the nines and go out for the night in Las Vegas. I keep looking at pictures from Tumblr and Instagram and everyone looks so happy when they are there, it looks like something no one should miss out on.

4. Paris

I have been to Disneyland Paris which is on the outskirts of Paris (I think lol) but I have never been in to the actual city. I want to see the Eiffel Tower and the street style Paris has to offer along with the insane range of shops they have. Paris just seems like such a classy place to go and to have some fun. France isn't far from us either so I think a trip there will definitely be happening!

5. Amsterdam

The last place I would love to visit is Amsterdam. Again, I've seen a few people go there recently and it looks like such a good little trip away. The boat trips, the bike rides and seeing the canals are just some of the things that look like so much fun whilst there. Also as I do like a bit of sight seeing I'd love to see the Anne Frank house, and of course take pictures by the canal!! Goes without saying really doesn't it!

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