A Little Life Update

Hey everyone, I thought I'd come back in this blog post with a little life update. I've been really reluctant to post such chatty posts on my blog, Im going through a stage where I'm kind of worried people will judge me, but I realised this is my little place of the internet and if no one likes reading it they can easily click the close button, so here goes... Things have been a bit shitty recently due to reasons that don't need to be put all over the internet but I'm working to get through every day happy and healthy, which I have to admit is pretty hard at the moment. I know we all have days where we don't want to get out of bed or don't want to get out of our pyjamas for days on end. I can't help it, I'm such a homely person, I love my bedroom and I love my little space of the world that sometimes I just want to forget everything and hibernate for a few days. I think it's important for people to know it's ok to be like this every now and again, we all need time out because let's face it life is pretty stressful and if we engulf ourselves with work and any other aspects of our life, good or bad, sometimes it can have a negative impact on your mindset which is something I've learnt recently. For me there are so many paths in my life that I'm working towards, some I really want and some others not as much and at the moment it's exhausting, wanting something so bad but but being too scared to do anything about it really isn't working in my favour at the moment but one day I'll get there!  I hope lol!

One thing that has been stressing me out recently is blogging although I hate to admit it. Blogging is made out to be the "in thing" and a lot of bloggers make out it's such a glamorous life when we all know it really isn't. If it isn't the camera or laptop not working it's the wrong angle or the wrong location for pictures and then there's all the work to go into writing the blog post, doing any changes to the website and so on and so forth that sometimes I just want to cry because it's not going right haha like for example, I've tried writing this post twice and every time my laptop has deleted it whilst I'm halfway through writing it, nightmare!!! Don't get me wrong I love blogging and it's something I'm sooooo passionate about but some people are so much better at it that sometimes you just can't help but compare yourself to others which for me completely dampens my mood and my confidence and then I completely go off blogging, although I can't help but admire them for doing so well. I think any blogger is lying if they say they haven't felt like that at least one time in their blogging career. Although it's such a lovely industry I don't think I could do it full time and I take my hats off to the bloggers who do. There's so much to deal with that for me it would be too much, but who knows a lot can change on the future.

On a positive note though I've finally had my room redecorated woohoo. It's taken like 2 years to do but it is finally the way I want it and I am sooooo obsessed with it! I've inserted some pictures so you can see what it's like. I'm really into interior at the moment,  I'm constantly scrolling through Pinterest looking for some bedroom inspo. I follow way too many interior bloggers on Instagram whose houses are an absolute dream! I can't wait to have my own place one day and do it up the way I like! I also have a thing for indoor plants at the moment I literally cannot get enough of them! Is anybody else like this?! I want to buy them all but don't want my bedroom to look like an indoor jungle so the refrain from buying loads is real at the moment. I think they're a great way to incorporate colour in your bedroom/house, especially if your like me and have a sort of monochrome theme going on. A lot of my homeware stuff is from Primark and I am LIVING for their home collection at the moment! All the pieces look so expensive but have a ridiculously cheap price tag whilst still looking bang on trend. The whole simplicity trend is a bit of me when it comes to homeware pieces, there's nothing worse (in my opinion) than a clogged up bedroom full of stuff and unnecessary shit. Like I always say clean bedroom, clean mind haha!!!

Last thing I want to talk about is my weight grrrrrr!!!! I've gone years where I was pretty skinny and could eat whatever I wanted and not put on any weight, but oh how that's changed, cries!!! Over the past year and a half I've suddenly grown the biggest hips in the world and the fattest arse! Everything that I used to eat has finally caught up with me and I am piling on the pounds, especially on the bottom half of my body. It's not a bad thing at all, I actually like having an hourglass shape to me but I'm being pretty lazy and it's started to get out of hand hahahaha. All the girls in my family are fitness freaks, my sister is a fitness instructor and my mum goes for a run everyday, sometimes even twice a day and then there's me who just can't be asked. Sorry but I don't think I'm the only girl to feel like this, well I hope not lol. Don't get me wrong I'd love to go to the gym or do fitness classes but they're  just too waaaay too daunting for me, I don't know what the hell im doing, or what machine does what or what part of my body I'm supposed to excerise etc...!? I tried meal replacement shakes but they just made me hungrier so they're a no go, god I hate being a girl. Especially when it comes to that time of the month and all I want to eat is chocolate and cakes and crisps and biscuits and wollow in my sadness that I'm not skinny, it's a continuous circle. I try to tell myself every Sunday that I'm going to eat healthy but it gets to Monday night and I think fuck it I've got no one to impress, so here's to the girls who don't care what they look like and don't let their weight bother them, I salute you!

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