My Skincare Routine

I've never actually had a skincare routine before, and I still don't now really I just do these steps every other day and it seems to make my skin a bit more brighter and adds more of a glow to my face. I have to say I'm not massively in to beauty/makeup/skincare but I'm trying to take a bit more care of my skin, I'm quite lazy when it comes to the skincare side of things and don't tend to do much about it, but I've started to invest in more products and to try different things to see if it makes a difference to my skin. I'm quite lucky that I've never had any problems with my skin (I have normal to dry skin), I don't tend to get spots and I'm not prone to breakouts, only the once in a blue moon redness when it comes to that time of the month. So here is what I'm using at the moment!

1. Simple Eye Makeup Remover

I have really sensitive eyes so I don't like using a whole load of products on them, that's why when I want to take my makeup off (if I've used a lot of eyeshadow or mascara) I will take it off with the Simple Eye Makeup Remover. I like the fact that when you use it, it takes the makeup off so easily, there's no trying to scrub the makeup off with this product, and there's no added perfumes to aggravate my eyes.

2. Simple Face Wash

If I'm wearing a lot of makeup on my face I will use the Simple Face Wash to wash it off with, I do like this although I do think the consistency of it is rather thick which I'm not a massive fan of but it does the job at getting my makeup off. If I'm being lazy I will use baby wipes to take my makeup off with which I know is a massive no go but sometimes I really can't be bothered haha.

3. Loreal Fine Flowers Cleansing Milk

I use the Loreal Cleansing Milk, which has extracts of Rose & Jasmine in, and apply it all over my face with a cotton pad after taking off my makeup. To be honest I'm not really sure what this Loreal milk is supposed to do to my skin (does anyone lol?) but its creamy texture does nourish my skin and make my skin baby smooth after a long day of wearing makeup. I do want to try more of the "Fine Flowers" range as it's the only range I've actually liked the look of, or maybe it's just the super cute packaging lol.

4. Garnier Micellar Water (oil infused)

I use this micellar water because I had heard such good reviews about it, and it has lived up to my expectations! I use the oil infused one because I have normal to dry skin so I like to add a bit of glow in my face. I never get oily so I try to use anything I can to give me some sort of natural highlight, I am jealous of anyone with oily skin you have that natural GLOW I want!!! I put this all over my face but focus it on the areas where I'm mostly dry which is my under eye area and in the middle of my forehead, I have to say it does feel a little but greasy when you first apply this, but it does sink into the skin to give a smooth finish after applied. After using the Loreal Cleansing Milk the Micellar water tends to just lock that moisture in place and leave my skin feeling fresh.

I will only do all 4 steps if I'm taking my makeup off, normally I don't wear makeup as I only really wear it once or twice a week, so when I'm not wearing any I just apply the Loreal Milk and the Garnier Micellar Water.

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