Purpose Tour X Denim Jacket

Hey everyone, I am quite the fan of Justin Biebers' merchandise line, I think it's really different and wearable, I love it! I'm all over the purpose tour clothing so when I saw this denim jacket I snapped it up! I got it From Depop, it was ridiculously cheap! I paid £19 for it which in my book is a bargain, the only down side to it is it's from China so it did take around 3 weeks to come which is annoying AF, especially if your like me and are ridiculously impatient when to comes to the delivery part of online shopping. I wanted it to be quite oversized on me so I got a size L, I probably could get away with getting the XL if you want the serious oversized vibes going on but I'm quite happy with the way it fits. It didn't come cropped, I cropped it myself by using fabric scissors and I then frayed the ends to give it a bit of a distressed look which I am living for.

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