Fave Met Gala Dresses 2017

It's that time of the year again when the Met Gala comes around and I don't know about you but I get very excited, we all just want to see who's wearing what, who looks amazing and who looks meeeeh. I have to admit there wasn't a whole load of looks that I overly liked this year but I have picked out some of my favourites so here they are.

Kylie Jenner

Obviously she is on the list, she just slays everything doesn't she. Her dress kind of reminds me of THAT BeyoncĂ© dress that she wore to the Met Gala, I love it! The embellishment, the colour and the drapes coming off the shoulder are my favourite parts of this dress. Also Kylie's hair looks incredible too, how can someone change their hair colour so often and look good in every single one of them?! I am ridiculously envious. 

Ruby Rose

I have to say Ruby Rose isn't someone I look out for when it comes to stalking the Met Gala or any event for that matter, but this dress is to die for!! I like the thick waistband and the layers at the bottom, I think the dress goes really well with her tattoos too. She looks stunning, she's definitely pulled it out of the bag with this one!

Blake Lively

I have to say I wasn't incredibly wowed by the top half of this dress but then I saw the bottom and I am now obsessed with it! The gold compliments the blue so much, the hair, the earrings everything I feel she's pulled off! Well, she is Blake Lively of course she is going to pull anything off, right?!

Kim Kardashian

Like Kylie, is inevitable Kim is going to be amongst the bed dressed, well in my book anyway. I love the off shoulder and the tie up at the top of the dress. I think she looks really classy with her hair and the fact her dress is plain compliments her so much, I think it's a great look for her.  

Hailey Baldwin

I feel like I shouldn't like this dress but for some reason it just really stands out to me, I can get why people don't like it - it does remind me of them nan dolls that sit on top of the toilet roll haha! But I love the way it's a two piece, the bandeau type top and the vibrant skirt and the way she has worn a head piece with it, I think its really different and I kinda love it!

Selena Gomez

THIS DRESS!!! Selena is slaying my life right now. I love everything about this dress, the embellishment, the lace at the top and the way it just drapes on her is so stunning! I love the pop of pink of her eyeshadow too! She looks amazingly classy, she didn't overdo it or underdo it - I think this dress might be my favourite look!

Stella Maxwell

Ok, so I have a massive crush on Stella, she is my inspo all the time, so I got very excited when I saw her wearing this dress. She looks GORGEOUS! I am living for the low cut and the tassels at the bottom, she has just done everything right in my opinion. This dress is on par with Selena's, they are both the best dressed for me!!

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